About us

We are a one-stop shop for events, videos, and exhibitions. Our work mediates passion and strong values. We create added value and positive experiences through constant creative development and an inclusive attitude. We make things happen by catching opportunities, being professional, and keeping a high standard. We create experiences, regardless of the platform.




We are part of a network of experts within art and culture, both artistically and commercially. Our producership is an art form in itself, where our competent, responsive, and skilled producers create, operate, and realize content. 

For us, the glass is always half full, and we view our assignment from various perspectives.  We care about sustainable work culture and try our best to promote a healthy work-life balance.

We are part of the Moomin Characters group. With our roots in Tove Jansson’s values and artistry, we cherish both professionalism and playfulness. We produce through storytelling, visualization, and with our eyes fixed on people. We have the courage and ability to work both internationally and locally.

We work with art, design, literature, events, concepts, and content.


See a list of the in-house services we offer below.


01. Events

We begin with the story and values you want to convey and build it into a dramaturgical whole in the form of a live event, a streamed production or a hybrid of these two.

We produced Moomin Licensee Day 2022; see the video.

02. Producer

We lead and execute assignments. We create new and broaden existing networks and develop the production from start to finish. We have experience of working extensively with content teams, light and sound productions, multi-camera productions and artists.

03. Consultant

We guide you in matters of production and professional development. Together we can create a strategy for your particular project. Through our deep industry insight, we see the opportunities and identify needs in order to create the best possible whole.

04. Moderator and Host

We host your production or act as moderators for your conversation. We have a long experience of working as moderators in television, radio and live events.

05. Exhibitions

We construct and create concepts, content and material for exhibitions. We see an exhibition as a story, with a clear dramaturgy that carries the entire exhibition. We also make educational material for exhibitions.

06. Photography

We convey your message and your values in the form of visual narration. We offer everything from product photos, journalistic photography to event photos.

See the portfolio.

07. Video Production

We convey your message and your values in the form of audio-visual narration. We create video trailers that showcase your product, company or service and short films that communicate your message on a deeper level.

We produced and filmed a video about Moomin mug designer’s career, watch the video

08. Streaming

We produce both live and prerecorded streams. We provide everything from smaller remote productions to productions made in our studios in Helsinki and Vaasa and multi camera hybrid productions in big venues.